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Pet Sematary 4K UHD Review


“Pet Sematary” is uneven.

The Creed family (comprised of Louis and Rachel and their two children Gage and Ellie) have moved into a new home with their cat Church, but there is no cause for celebration. Right away it becomes apparent that this move was a big mistake. Not only is their home is next to a busy road, but they have a creepy pet cemetery/Indian burial ground next to their property. As you can probably guess, both things foreshadow tragic and unsettling events to come that greatly impact the Creed family.

With 2019’s “Pet Sematary” about to be released, Paramount is re-releasing the original 1989 film on 4K (which also happens to be the film’s 30th anniversary). The film (which is penned by Stephen King and based on his own novel) has become a cult classic over the years, but it’s far from perfect. Much like “IT,” “Pet Sematary” is one of those movies that could use a remake. Now, there’s much to admire about this well directed Mary Lambert directed adaptation. There’s some effectively creepy moments (although it could have been darker), Church, Gage (Miko Hughes) and Jud (Fred Gwynne) are all memorable, the story itself is a haunting tale of death and letting go, and as cinematic King adaptions go, it’s better than many.

On the downside, “Pet Sematary” has its fair share of flaws. Some of the campy moments feel out of place tonally, there are some seriously puzzling scene transitions, some of the acting is iffy and stiff (particularly by star Dale Midkiff), and King’s script is in need of some rewrites. Much of the script feels like it needs to be expanded upon. Why does Ellie have premonitions? Why do the storylines with Rachel’s sister and Missy feel tacked on? Why are Jud and Louise written as a completely incompetent characters? The list goes on. Basically, much of the story and character could have been strengthened to be a more complete and developed movie experience.


Presentation: Widescreen 2160p. How does it look? A great new transfer and a definite upgrade from past releases.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA dynamic

* Blu-ray copy
* Digital copy
* Storyboards, behind the scenes and marketing image galleries with an intro by Mary Lambert.
* “Pet Sematary: Fear And Remembrance”- Cast and crew members of the 2019 “Pet Sematary” talk about the original film.
* “Pet Sematary: Revisitation”- An interview with director Mary Lambert about Stephen King and ‘Pet Sematary.”
* A thoughtful solo commentary by Mary Lambert.
* “Stephen King Territory”- Stephen King and others talk about the real life influence of “Pet Sematary.”
* “The Characters”- A featurette on the characters.
* “Filming The Horror”- A featurette about the horror elements of the film.

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