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Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive Issue 2 Comic Book Review


“Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive” continues on with issue two.

In the second issue of the “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive” mini-series, the story begins with Dick Tracy and his squad cracking down on criminals (including some familiar faces). Unfortunately, his quest becomes complicated with ongoing police corruption, criminals regrouping, a new Syndicate boss, and Tracy finding himself in hot water (not by his own doing).

The second issue of writers Lee and Michael Allred’s “Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive” mini-series is very much in line with the first. The story isn’t going to set the world on fire, but it’s still an engaging Tracy story that captures the essence of the character. As a fan of the character, I’m just happy to see a new “Dick Tracy” comic series existing in this day and age and that it still resonates with people. I’m equally happy to see that it’s quite clear that the Allreds have an affinity for Tracy as they even goes as far as to include some great references/easter eggs in this particular issue.

Artist Rich Tommaso (with inks by Michael Allred and color by Laura Allred) continues to crush it here with a delightful retro art style that is part old school Tracy and part modern indie comic style. It mixes very well together as Tommaso is really putting his own stamp on the iconic franchise.

The comic also includes a cover art gallery, panel annotations, a “Dick Tracy” timeline, as well as IDW comic ads.

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