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Rocko’s Modern Life- The Complete Series DVD (2018) Review


90’s Nickelodeon classic “Rocko’s Modern Life” gets a new complete series set.

With the new movie “Static Cling” coming out sometime soon (maybe next year?), Nickelodeon/Paramount has released a new complete series of the off-the-wall animated Nickelodeon series “Rocko’s Modern Life.” For those that might not know what this show is all about, it’s a wildly original brainchild of Joe Murray that revolves around a wallaby (Rocko), his trusty dog (Spunky), and his steer pal (Heffer) in the town of O-Town. The 52 episode series is largely about the community and cast of characters like the neighbors the Big Heads and the turtle Filburt. A majority of the episodes actually contain two 11-12 minute stories about romance, mundane activities, a movie theater outing gone awry, jobs, holidays, a cult, wrestling, hypnosis and so much more.

“Rocko’s Modern Life” was one of the many gems in the glory days of Nickelodeon alongside “Ren And Stimpy,” “Doug,” “Salute Your Shorts,” and “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” (when are we going to get the latter 2 in complete series sets in the U.S.?). Like many shows on the network at this time, it’s a weird, surreal, clever, and sometimes gross show that was full of colorful creativity that was common in many 90’s programs. Above all else though, Joe Murray created such wonderfully strange and memorable characters that have stood the test of time. Who doesn’t find themselves falling for Spunky (or should I say Spuuunnkkkyyyyyy) and Filburt (his “Turn the page, wash your hands” scene is forever in my mind)?

Perhaps the most appealing part of “Rocko’s Modern Life” is that it takes risks. Joe Murray and company created stories that were just as much as for adults as kids. There’s bold stuff you could not get away with in today’s day and age and I like seeing those type of boundary pushing shows. I’m sure this series also helped inspired many of the modern adult oriented animated series you see nowadays because it certainly ushered in that new wave of animated series.


Presentation: Fullscreen. How does it look? The series looks as it once did. Make of that as you will.

Audio Track: Dolby Stereo. How does it sound? A solid audio track that does the job.

The lone extra is a collectible poster by show creator Joe Murray.


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