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Found Footage 3D Blu-ray Review


“Found Footage 3D” is as tired as the subgenre it mocks.

In the meta horror film “Found Footage 3D,” the story revolves around a 6 person film crew that is looking to make something different- a 3D found footage movie titled “Spectre Of Death 3D.” Unfortunately, their production turns out to be doomed for the start when they film at an actual haunted location. To make matters worse, there is a lot of tension and issues amongst the crew (particularly with a separated couple) which boils to the surface and perhaps even feeds the spirit that haunts the location.

“Found Footage 3D” is a prime example of a movie that tries too hard. It tries to be clever and funny as it pokes fun at found footage films like “The Blair Witch Project” and horror genre conventions and it desperately tries to be scary at the same time. It’s neither. In fact, it commits the biggest horror movie sin by being boring.

Writer, director, producer Steve DeGennaro spends a lot of time building the characters which would normally be a good thing, but the characters lack depth making it hard to invest in anything that happens on screen. The attempt to create scares doesn’t fare any better as there’s a real lack of any “scary moments” in general. The film seems far more concerned with the “movie within a movie” aspect and the general notion that “Found Footage 3D” is a gimmicky movie spoofing gimmicky movies.

Cast wise, Alena von Stroheim (Amy) is the clear standout, but like everyone else in the film, their talents are underutilized and wasted.

Note: This disc contains the 2D and 3D versions of the film. The 3D version requires the use of old school red and blue 3D glasses (which come with the Blu-ray). You do not need a 3D TV or 3D Blu-ray player to watch the 3D version.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? Like most found footage films, this movie is not much to look at visually (especially in 2D). The 3D experience is at least more fun to watch from a visual perspective despite having the old eye sore red and blue 3D.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The intentional low quality sound can be mumbly and faint a lot of times, but effective when it needs to be.

Extras: * Trailers for other titles as well as “Found Footage 3D” * 24 minutes of extended scenes * 20 ½ minutes of deleted scenes * 9 minutes of outtakes * 2 commentary tracks. One by director Steve DeGennaro and the other by Scott Weinberg, Randi Ludwig and Charles Mulford. The solo track offers up some informative behind-the-scenes information while the other track is a lot more talkative (and congratulatory).

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