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The Three-Way Wedding DVD Review


Don’t accept an invite to “The Three-Way Wedding.”

In this 2010 French film, the story revolves around a playwright (Auguste) who is trying to finish a new play but struggling to do so. He decides to invite the director and 2 cast members which include his ex-wife and star Harriet and the leading man (Theo) who happens to be Harriet’s new beau (unbeknownst to Auguste). Auguste is stuck on Harriet still, but tries to move on. He just might be able to find new love through his young assistant Fanny. To make a long drawn out story short, the rest of the film is essentially comprised of the complicated dynamics that begin to form between everyone.

“The Three-Way Wedding” could have been a compelling and sexy farce about love, pain, jealousy, the stage world, the past, and desire, but instead, writer/director Jacques Doillon has crafted a talky, horribly staged movie that goes in circles. I say horribly staged because the characters in this movie move around in the most unnatural ways imagine. They pace in weird patterns, they wander around aimlessly, they are in and out of rooms at an abnormal fashion, etc. It’s maddening and distracting to say the least. The story doesn’t fare any better as the audience is forced to watch 5 confused people being overly dramatic and downright irritating (intentional or unintentional as it may be).

The lone highlight here is Julie Depardieu who at least delivers a lively and sensual performance amidst the headache inducing story unfolding around her. She certainly deserved better material to work with.


Presentation: 1.85:1. How does it look? A perfectly fine standard definition transfer.

French 2.0 Stereo. How does it sound? A bit soft as a 2.0 track tends to be, but adequate enough.

The only extras are trailers for other Film Movement titles.

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