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Walking Tall Blu-ray Review


Fans of The Rock may enjoy “Walking Tall.”

As part of the new MVD Marquee Collection line of Blu-rays, the 2004 remake of “Walking Tall” is getting a new Blu-ray release. The film, which was original based on the life of Sheriff Buford Pusser, but for whatever reason, this version changes many aspects of the real story and the original Joe Don Baker film. In this take, Chris Vaughn is a war veteran who comes home to find his Washington town overrun by crime, drugs, business closures, and corruption. Chris soon learns that a former friend named Jay Hamilton (who runs a casino) essentially runs the town and is largely responsible for the town’s decay. With the help of a few allies (including his old pal Ray), Chris manages to become the new Sheriff in town with the sole purpose of cleaning it up…with his trusty wooden blank/batstick.

“Walking Tall” is an early Dwayne Johnson action vehicle and it shows. Now, there are definite moments where The Rock gets to lay the smack down (the Sheriff’s office shootout and Casino beatdown are the clear highlights here). At the end of the day, the action set pieces might be enough for fans of the wrestler turned mega movie star. Other viewers, however, may find that the action star is surrounded by a toothless by-the-numbers remake.

The central crux with this 2004 version is that it not only deviates from the source material, but that it’s such a clearly watered down PG-13 flick. If this was a hard R movie that maintained the grit and violence of the 1973 film, it would have been far more successful. Instead, viewers have to wade through dopey humor (Johnny Knoxville is sorely wasted here), a useless romantic subplot, an anti-climactic ending, popular music, standard Hollywood clichés, and dumb plot conveniences (Chris becomes Sheriff in an instant on screen).


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? Not a particularly impressive transfer. The colors are washed out, there are dirt specs and the picture quality is only slightly above a DVD transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A little soft, but the action scenes cause the track to come to life.

Extras: * “Walking Tall” trailer and other MVD title trailers * Photo gallery * 3 deleted scenes and an alternate ending * Bloopers * “Fight The Good Fight Stunts Featurette”- Self-explanatory * 2 commentaries- one by The Rock and the other by Kevin Bray, Robert Ivison and Glen MacPherson. The solo Rock track is entertaining enough. You probably won’t hear many tracks by The Rock these days so it’s special in that regard. The second track is more serious and informative.

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