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The Endless Blu-ray Review


“The Endless” never quite lives up to its ambitions.

Having escaped an alleged UFO death cult, 2 brothers (Aaron and Justin) decide to return to the cult for some closure many years later. Upon arrival, they discover some strange occurrences which have them wondering if the cult is indeed preparing for something that is real.

Having previously directed “Spring” and a segment from “V/H/S: Viral,” directors Aaron Moorehead and Justin Benson re-team once again for this indie sci-fi/horror film. On paper, the movie sounds intriguing and indeed it is at times. It’s not often you encounter a film that contains trippy visuals, odd tapes, multiple moons, unexplained phenomenons, possible creatures, time loops, portals, suicides, and people disappearing. As a whole, however, the movie never quite comes together.

Given that this is an indie film, “The Endless” often feels like a victim of its own ambitions. Even though Moorehead and Benson have an eye for visuals and a knack for creative storytelling, it’s clear that the lack of a budget hampers their imaginative vision. The script (written by Justin Benson) is also problematic in that it feels like it’s going somewhere but never does. The Lovecraftian story has a slow burn approach that manages to hold your interest, but the lack of characterization and a satisfactory conclusion frustrate more than anything else. I’m not the type of viewer that needs all the answers (although many out there may indeed want that), but it’s hard not to feel a bit short changed by what we do get in the end.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? The stylistic cinematography looks solid in hi-def.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The track is a bit low at times during quieter moments making the dialogue sound like muffled mumbling. Aside from that, it’s adequate enough.

Extras: * Well Go USA trailers * Tribeca promo and a teaser and trailer for “The Endless” * 7 deleted scenes * “VFX Breakdown”- An extra that shows a before and after look at how a scene was made and how it looks in the finished product * “Behind The Scenes”- A 2 part bonus feature that includes outtakes and Michael Felker being mentioned in other outtakes. * “Making Of”- A 31 minute featurette that includes set footage and Justin and Aaron talking about the film in-depth. * “Ridiculous Extras”- A 5 goofy extras that includes Dave Lawson reading for Smiling Dave, multiple actors reading for the role of Aaron, a video diary from Vinny Curran, “Breaking The News” about the Tribeca premiere, a short titled “UFO Cult Comedy.”

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