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Updated! DVDCorner’s Ranking Of The Pixar Films

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With “Incredibles 2” making serious bank at the box office and Pixar Pier opening at Disney California Adventure, Pixar is making serious waves as of late. With that in mind, it felt like the proper time to update my ranking of the 20 Pixar films. Without further adieu…

1. Toy Story- The first and still best Pixar film. A timeless classic.

2. Wall-E- A bold sci-fi animated with brains and heart.

3. Up- An emotional roller coaster ride of an adventure movie.

4. Toy Story 2- Sequels don’t get much better than this.

5. Toy Story 3- Sequels don’t get much better than this either!

6. The Incredibles- A wonderful superhero film and a wonderful family film.

7. Monsters Inc.-Mike, Sulley and Boo. ‘Nuff said.

8. A Bug’s Life- Still the most underrated Pixar film to date.

9. Finding Nemo- The beloved characters make this one a winner.

10. Coco- While the first hour is a bit busy and noisy for my taste, the emotionally satisfying last half hour more than makes up for its shortcomings.

11. Inside Out- A mature and adult Pixar story.

12. Ratatouille- On my first viewing of this film upon its release, I wasn’t actually a fan. Having revisited it not too long ago, however, I found it to be a delightful little tale.

13. Incredibles 2- The story lacks punch and is essentially a retread of the first film’s plot in many ways, but everything involving Jack Jack is an utter delight.

14. Cars 3- I debated over whether the first or third film was best, but the surprising character moments of this third entry really won me over. It’s not often you see an animated film deal with aging and the star character having to face the reality of it.

15. Cars- The first half is rough around the edges, but the second half offers up plenty of entertaining moments.

16. Brave- From here on out on the list, it’s really a toss up as these are bottom tier Pixar films for me. “Brave” has a strong female character in Merida, but the story is so slight.

17. The Good Dinosaur- The most generic movie in their catalogue. Still, that goodbye scene at the end packs an emotional punch.

18. Monsters University- I get wanting to try something different with this “Animal House” esque prequel, but it falls flat. The movie sorely misses the fun and heart of the first film (and Boo!).

19. Finding Dory- I know a lot of people are fond of this sequel, but I find it to be an unnecessary and bloated sequel filled with ridiculously over-the-top sequences.

20. Cars 2- Yep, it’s still the worst Pixar film.

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