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Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In Season 4 DVD Review


Season 4 of “Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In” is strictly for fans of the series.

In the 26 episode fourth season of the NBC variety series “Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In,” viewers can expect more of the same- catch phrases, water dousing, dancing, sports segments, spoofs, impressions, faux commercials, reoccurring sketches (Tasteful Lady character, cocktail party, body graffiti, Mod, Mod World, and News of the past, present and future to name a few), and guest stars galore like Art Carney, Don Rickles, Goldie Hawn, Tim Conway, Zero Mostel, Orson Welles, Vincent Price, Carol Channing, Carl Reiner, Bob Newhart, Desi Arnaz, Rod Serling, Ricardo Montalban, Debbie Reynolds, Bing Crosby, Johnny Carson, Sammy Davis Jr., Dinah Shore, Andy Griffith, Truman Capote, and many more.

When I review past comedy or variety series, I know have a tendency to say “it’s a product of its time,” but it’s the truth. Looking at the show today, it can be tough to find the humor since comedy is a very generational thing as it’s evolving and changing with each passing decade. Granted, there are many comedies and comedy stylings that are timeless, but when it comes to sketch comedy and variety shows, they often look dated or archaic. Admittedly, at the time of its release in the 60’s and 70’s, “Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In” was a big deal (not to mention influential). While I’m sure the appearance of comedy and film stars like Bing Crosby or Sammy Davis, Jr. were a big draw on television back then, the show around them plays more like a historical curiosity at this point. I’m still puzzled as to how Dan Rowan and Dick Martin even hosted a show. To me, they were the least interesting thing about it. They’re even a little dull.

The show does have its highlights like anything. It was amusing to see Goldie Hawn return to the show after winning an Oscar, the Sammy Davis, Jr. “Here Comes The Judge” bit is one of those things that has weirdly remained a pop culture fixture, and anything with Rod Serling was just fun to see as a fan of the legendary writer/host.


Presentation: Fullscreen. How does it look? There’s no remaster here. It likely looks as it did when it aired on TV with some print flaws here and there.

Audio Track: Unspecified Audio Track. How does it sound? It does the job.

The lone extras are interviews with Lily Tomlin and Arte Johnson.

Overall Thoughts: Once again, if you love the show or are eager to revisit it, by all means check it out. For everyone else, I cannot personally recommend it.

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