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Super Fly Blu-ray Review


The original “Super Fly” hits Blu-ray.

Wanting to get out the drug dealing business and spend more time with his girlfriend Georgia, Priest decides to try and acquire one last big cocaine batch so that he can make a load of money off of it and retire. Unfortunately, some shady characters wind up in his business and try to force him to continue dealing. Will Priest give in or fight back?

With the 2018 remake currently in theaters, Warner Archive has wisely put out the original 1972 “Super Fly” on Blu-ray. At the time of its release, this film was a gritty groundbreaking blaxploitation film that was serious and grounded in realism. It also created a heroic and inspiring character in Priest (confidently played by Ron O’ Neal)who chooses to take control of his life amidst dangerous circumstances.

As engaging as Priest’s character arc is AND as influential as the film was, “Super Fly” doesn’t quite hold up by today’s standards. The main problem here is that the film is constantly bogged down by drawn out sequences, montages, and driving scenes that pad the running time. Also, as clear cut as the story is, the story also has a tendency to meander a bit. This is the type of movie that really could have been polished up in the editing room (at least looking at it now).

One thing that has stood the test of time is the incredible music and songs by Curtis Mayfield. “Superfly,” “Pusherman,” and “Freddie’s Dead” are all instant classics that have continued to endure throughout the years. This is one of those movies where, I think, the soundtrack outshines the film because the music is that good.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? Despite maintaining the gritty 70’s look, this hi-def transfer looks more like a DVD transfer.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The dialogue is a bit soft at times, but the soundtrack is as clean as can be.

Extras: * “Super Fly” trailer * An audio interview with Curtis Mayfield on “Super Fly” * “Behind The Threads”- Nate Adams shows off clothing from the film * “Behind The Hog”- Les Dunham talks about and shows off Dunham Coach cars. * “Ron O’ Neal on The Making Of Super Fly”- A vintage featurette in which the actor talks about the character of Priest and the film. * “One Last Deal: A Retrospective”- A 24 minute featurette on the importance and legacy of “Super Fly.” * A forgettable solo commentary by Dr. Todd Boyd.


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