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Star Wars Adventures Issue 10 Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures” issue 10 offers up some Han, Chewie and Lando stories.

With “Solo: A Star Wars Story” a mere days away now, IDW Publishing has clearly been thinking ahead as the tenth issue of “Star Wars Adventures” continues 2 stories- one with Han Solo and Chewbacca and the other with Lando Calrissian.

The first story is “Powered Down, Part 1” by writer Cavan Scott. In this adventure, Zuckuss and 4-Lom are chasing Han and Chewie who are on board the trusty old Millennium Falcon. The Falcon mysteriously crash lands on a planet where technology seems to not work. Han and Chewie decide to investigate and find some deadly answers.

From the first page, I was delighted by this story (which is set in or around the “Solo: A Star Wars Story” era). Sure, the plot may not be nothing special and the dialogue may not sound Han-ish at points, but as a longtime “Star Wars” fan, I was just happy to see Zuckuss and 4-Lom again. The two bounty hunter characters are very underutilized in various media. As for the art by Derek Charm, it looks very cartoony and colorful. For the most part, it works well in conjunction with the story but Chewie does look a bit odd if I may say so myself.

The second story presented here is “Tales From Wild Space: Family Affair, Part 1” by writer/artist Elsa Charretier. Emil tells his crew a story about an older Lando who is now a businessman in this era. Clariah (a former lover of Lando) approaches Lando about needing help with her troubled son Jiandy who is falling in with the wrong crowd and dreaming of being a gangster. Lando decides to help out but the job is easier said than done.

It’s rare to see a multi part “Tales From Wild Space” and I’m not sure “Family Affair” actually warrants another part. It’s a very thinly plotted story that doesn’t use the character of Lando to the fullest advantage. The art doesn’t exactly help matters either as it’s rather rough, murky, and sometimes blobby looking.

In true “Star Wars Adventures” form, the comic closes out with a “Dispatches From Wild Space” page which contains Emil answering a letter and a spotlight on Zuckuss. The cover art gallery and IDW ads are also included in the back pages.

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