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Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rogue Blu-ray Review


“Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rogue” doesn’t feel very cinematic.

After searching for an alleged surviving member of Kurapika’s clan, Kurapika finds his eyes stolen by what appears to be his long lost friend and clan member Pairo. Gon and Killua set on a journey to find Kurapika’s eyes and later find themselves getting mixed up with Omokage (a former member of the gang known as the Phantom Troupe) and his minions. Aiding Gon and Killua in their quest is a puppeteer named Retz who may or may not be who she seems.

When it comes to the anime series “Hunter X Hunter,” it has its moments but is hardly one of the greats. With the feature film “Phantom Rogue,” I was expecting a bigger story that merited a big screen adventure, but that didn’t happen here. In fact, the story actually feels smaller. It’s a story about friendship, loss, puppets and stolen eyes. Yes, you read that right. Sure, the animation is noticeable better and there are some big action set pieces, but it all feels more like a string of episodes instead of a film.

Much like the anime series, “Hunter X Hunter” is at its best when it focuses on character. Strangely the main character Gon actually takes a back seat in this film as it is more of a Killua and Kurapika film. As a result of this, those 2 characters have the most characterization as we (the viewer) get to see more of Killua’s mental state and Kurapika’s past and present.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? Not only is the animation a step up from the series, but the transfer is also very glossy and sharp.

Audio Tracks: Japanese and English 5.1 DTS-HD MA and Stereo. How do they sound? The English dub is mediocre while the original language Japanese track delivers.

Extras: * DVD copy * Shonen Jump coupon * 8 “Hunter X Hunter” trailers and trailers for other Viz Media titles * 11 minutes of Japanese cast interviews about their roles. * Footage of the Japanese red carpet premiere. * US cast interviews with Erica Mendez, Cristina Vee, Erika Harlacher, and Matthew Mercer * Art galleries

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