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Star Wars Adventures 2018 Annual Comic Book Review


“Star Wars Adventures 2018 Annual” is a decent comic.

In the extra long “Star Wars Adventures 2018 Annual,” the format changes a bit. Instead of 1 story and a ‘Tales From Wild Space” adventure, we get 2 stories. The first is “Mind Your Manners” by veteran “Star Wars” author John Jackson Miller. The plot involves Luke, Leia, Threepio and R2 venturing to a summit meeting on the planet Sarka to try and get gems for laser cannon weapons. In a bad bit of luck, Leia is temporarily injured and Luke has to fill in for her. While he tries to learn some customs from Threepio, Luke winds up in a bit of trouble due to a duplicitous Sarkan.

“Mind Your Manners” is a well written tale overall, but it’s hardly worthy of being included in a big annual. While it’s always great to see Leia getting to be the hero, the plot itself is so ordinary. It’s predictable, whimsical, and unchallenging. Yes, it’s aimed at a younger crowd, but I’d imagine it wouldn’t thrill them much either as it is sorely lacking in action and excitement. In terms of the art by Jon Sommariva, it’s a little rough around the edges. While there’s an interesting mange style going on here, the likenesses of the characters are a but odd.

The second story here is “The Lost Eggs Of Livorno” by Cavan Scott which is the better of the two. For longtime “Star Wars” comic fans, this one is a treat as everyone’s favorite green rabbit makes a return. I am, of course, referring to the smuggler Jaxxon. The plot here is simple: Jaxxon and his associate Amaiza are tasked by Queen Prizzo of Livorno to deliver eggs to Princess Leia. Alas, Jaxxon is double crossed in his journey. There’s no question Jaxxon is a ridiculous character, but you can’t help but get a smile on your face to see him back in action. Artist Mauricet’s artwork and Chris Fenoglio’s colors only adds to the joy as they resemble comic panels seen in the old Marvel comics.

As per usual, the comic concludes with “Star Wars” and IDW comic ads.

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