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Images Blu-ray Review


“Images” is not one of Robert Altman’s best.

At the beginning of “Images,” a children’s book author (Cathryn) believes she is receiving mysterious phone calls from an unknown woman who suggests her husband Hugh is having an affair. On top of that, she sees a man in her house that isn’t there. Believing she needs a break, Cathryn and Hugh travel to Ireland for a nice getaway. Alas, the change of scenery doesn’t seem to have any effect as Cathryn continues to imagine things, see people (alive and dead), and even a doppelganger of herself. Is Cathryn losing her mind or is something else going on entirely.

For those expecting a big ensemble piece that the late filmmaker Robert Altman was ultimately known for, “Images” is not in that vein. It’s a VERY 70’s psychological thriller that resembles a film such as “Repulsion.” It’s a story about isolation, sanity, the past, and the line between reality and fantasy.

Some viewers may find this to be a refreshing change of pace for Altman, I found myself bored by the rather one note film. The problem is that there’s no real suspense here. It’s established from the get go that Cathryn is cracking up and that only progresses afterward. It’s very one note in that respect (not to mention drawn out). It also feels overly familiar for those who have viewed similar psychological thrillers before. It feels like something more should have happened here to not only mix it up, but to give the story more depth.

On the plus side, there are a few highlight here. John Williams score is, as per usual, a winner. The acting (particularly by Susannah York) is also noteworthy. She really does have to do most of the work here as her character is driving the story.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The film has been cleaned up but still maintains its gritty 70’s style

Audio Track: Uncompressed LPCM Mono. How does it sound? It’s a bit flat, but decent enough.

Extras: * “Images” trailer * A booklet containing photos, credits, an essay by critic Carmen Gray, and an interview by David Thompson with Robert Altman * An interview with Cathryn Harrison who played Susannah * “Appreciation By Stephen Turner”- Musician and author Stephen Turner talks about “Images” * Scene-select commentary by the late Robert Altman (which totals about 36 minutes) * “Imagining Images”- A vintage featurette that contains interviews with Robert Altman and Vilmos Zsigmond * A solid commentary by Samm Deighan and Kat Ellinger.

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