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Star Wars Adventures Issue 7 Comic Book Review


The seventh issue of “Star Wars Adventures” is a fun one.

Given that “Star Wars Rebels” just had its series finale this past week, it seems only fitting that the main story of the seventh issue of “Star Wars Adventure” is ‘Rebels’ centric. Written by Sholly Fisch, the ‘Rebels’ story (which is titled “Endangered, Part 1”) finds the crew of the Ghost planning a mission to rescue a culturally sacred bird (the Argora) from the clutches of an Imperial cargo ship. Amidst the mission, Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, and Zeb run into the ever troublesome Hondo who complicates the mission further. Honestly, this is just a delightful story that genuinely feels like a “Star Wars Rebels” episode. Anytime Hondo is in a story, I’m automatically on board. In terms of the artwork by Sean Galloway, it doesn’t resemble the art of the show and that’s perfectly OK. It has more of a Disney animated feature look which I dig.

The next segment is another “Tales From Wild Space” piece titled “Look Before You Leap.” Writer Paul Crilley pens this tale about Nien Nunb and Shriv tracking down 2 Tie Fighters that know the whereabouts of a protected refugee vessel. Their mission leads them to a hostile environment. There’s not much meat to this story and the use of the word hangry had me cringing to no end, but I was thrilled to see “Star Wars: Battlefront 2” character Shriv in the mix. I hope to see him in more “Star Wars” stories down the line. Artwise, Philip Murphy’s work is uneven here. The landscapes and environments look sharp, but the character faces are weirdly drawn. Thankfully, colorist Wes Dzioba’s work helps mask the art flaws with a decidedly old school colorful vibe.

Finally, there’s a climactic “Dispatches From Wild Space” which has Emil answering a letter along with a character spotlight on Nien Nunb. The issue closes out with cover art as well as “Star Wars” and IDW comic ads.

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