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10 Random Recommendations Part 8

BP Everything.png Batman

  1. Star Wars Black Series Action Figures- As someone who grew up on vintage Kenner 3.75 inch “Star Wars” figures, I have to say Hasbro’s new 6 inch figure line is a revelation. The little details on each figure and the recent implementation of the new face printing technology is really taking mainstream toys to a new level.


  1. Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie- While you wait for the new “Rocko’s Modern Life” movie, check out the long awaited return of the popular Nicktoon “Hey Arnold!” with this fun new feature film.


  1. Warner Archive Blu-rays- Warner Archives is quietly putting out a lot of classics and hidden gems on Blu-ray and DVD lately. Check out “Ride The High Country,” “The Hanging Tree,” and “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” for starters.


  1. Black Panther- The new MCU film doesn’t need my help in promoting it as evidenced by the massive box office returns, but believe me when I say it’s a top tier comic book film that should be seen in theaters.


  1. Cincy Nerd- If you’re a fan of toy hunting videos and or toy reviews, check out his YouTube Channel. His passion for collecting is infectious.


  1. Everything Sucks!- This brand new coming-of-age Netflix series is easily the best thing I have seen so far this year. Watch it ASAP.


  1. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Let’s Face It- Yes, this album came out in 1997, but it’s still a great ska punk album after all of these years.


  1. Star Trek: Discovery- Now that the first season has come to a close, it’s the perfect time to catch-up and watch this fascinating new Trek series.


  1. Del Taco- I’ll never miss an opportunity to mention one of my favorite fast food chains. P.S. Try the chili cheese fries!


  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story Teasers- Both the Super Bowl TV spot and the full teaser have me excited for this upcoming “Star Wars” film.


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