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Twin Peaks Season 3 Blu-ray Review


“Twin Peaks” is back and weirder than ever (in the best way possible).

For those that have waited and waited for more “Twin Peaks,” you’re in luck. David Lynch and Mark Frost teamed up with Showtime for an 18 episode third season/limited event series. To delve into the plot would not only do a disservice to the show but to those reading this review. I will mention a few things fans can expect- The Black Lodge, multiple Dale Coopers, new characters, returning favorites, romance, Bob’s spirit, murders, jackpots, a mystery involving Major Briggs, Sarah and Laura Palmer, etc.

David Lynch and Mark Frost changed TV (and serialized TV) with the original run of “Twin Peaks,” but they managed do it again here. Now, for those that are expecting the series to be the same as it once was, it’s not. That may disappoint some, but to me, it’s refreshing. It’s impractical to think that it should be like the original series because times have changed, TV has changed, and Lynch has changed as an artist. What we get here is obviously something like the original, but it’s clear that this show is pure unfiltered Lynch and Frost. They had the freedom to do whatever they wanted and, as such, we get a show that is darker, more violent, more sexual, more mindbending, and more challenging. Take episode 8 for instance. There is nothing like this episode in the history of television. It’s a spellbinding piece of artistry. Really, it encapsulates the third season as a whole in that it’s mesmerizing, baffling, surprising, weird, frustrating, and gamechanging and so much more all at once.

I’m not going to sit here and say that everything will work for everyone here. The season is bound to contain material that doesn’t land for each viewer. Personally, I wanted to know more about Audrey and the murderous thing inside the glass box. On top of that, I felt the alleged series finale wasn’t satisfying as it didn’t feel like a proper end to me. I hope that Lynch and Frost will continue the show at some point in time, but for now, who knows what the future holds for “Twin Peaks.”

As you’ve likely heard, the series has a cast of hundreds that includes everyone from Tim Roth to Jim Belushi. To me though there are 3 main highlights. Kyle MacLachlan should get every award for his portrayal of multiple characters. His range is truly astounding here and he easily gives the best work of his career this far. Naomi Watts (who plays a new character named Janey-E) once again crushes it when working alongside David Lynch. Lastly, there’s David Lynch himself as Gordon Cole. Cole was a favorite from the first 2 series but he’s thankfully a huge part of this season as well. He steals every moment he’s in it. I could go on for days about the cast whose roles vary in size but part of the fun of this new season is seeing who pops up here. It could be a new character played by a famous actor or it could be a returning favorite character.


Presentation: 16:9 1080p. How does it look? Simply put, this is the best the show has looked.

Audio Track: Dolby TrueHD 5.1. How does it sound? The score, dialogue, and sound design are magnificent.

Extras: The option to play episodes 1 and 2 in a feature length presentation, behind-the-scenes photo gallery, 7 TV series promos by Lynch, a 3 part “Twin Peaks: Phenomenon” about the show’s past, fanbase and its resurrection, the 61 minute 2017 San Diego Comic Con panel hosted by Damon Lindelof, a behind-the-scenes featurette titled “A Very Lovely Dream: One Week In Twin Peaks,” 2 behind-the-scenes films by Richard Beymer titled “Behind The Red Curtain” and “I Had Bad Milk Dehradun,” a collection of Rancho Rosa Logos, and the biggest extra which is a 10 part nearly 5 hour “Impressions: A Journey Behind The Scenes Of Twin Peaks” that contains set footage, behind-the-scenes footage, video of David Lynch at work, beautiful shots of locals, and more.

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