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Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight Issue 2 Comic Book Review


The art saves the second issue of “Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight.”

In the second issue of the “Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight” mini-series, sisters Mia and Ginny find themselves trapped in the Horrorland amusement park. This is no ordinary theme park, however, as it is occupied by monsters and run by everyone’s favorite villainous dummy- Slappy. While there, Mia and Ginny believe they have one monster ally in Irk, but is it a ruse?

Let’s face it, writer Jeremy Lambert is no R.L. Stine. His writing is unpolished and rushed and he doesn’t seem to know what to do with the concept he has laid out. It’s a shame because there’s so much potential with this story set-up. Perhaps things will change in the remaining issues, but as of right now, there’s not much going on storywise here.

Thankfully, artist Chris Fenoglio picks up the slack and is the sole reason why this series is worth checking out. The creature designs, the look of Horrorland, and the easter eggs/references are a joy to behold (especially if you grew up with “Goosebumps” and or are a new fan). Colorist Brittany Peer’s work should also not go unnoticed here as it is both colorful and atmospheric and perfectly pairs with Fenoglio’s artwork.

Note: The comic concludes with the standard IDW comic ads.

Overall Thoughts: “Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight” issue 2 is more involving than the first but that is primarily due to the work of Chris Fenoglio and Brittany Peer.

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