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Black Panther: The Young Prince Hardcover Book Is Now Available


With the hotly anticipated Marvel film’s release date fast approaching, Marvel Press/Disney Book Group has wisely released a new YA novel titled “Black Panther: The Young Prince.” Written by Ronald L. Smith (who is perhaps best known for “Hoodoo” and “The Mesmerist”), this original novel focuses on T’Challa as a young child Prince as he embraces his destiny to become the hero of Wakanda- Black Panther. The story primarily involves his friendship with M’Baku, their travels to Chicago for schooling, a villainous student (and perhaps something even more sinister) , T’Challa adapting to a new life in America, T’Challa getting used to his new vibranium suit, and trouble brewing in Wakanda. Of course, a few familiar faces pop up here as well (won’t say who).

The prospect of reading a youth oriented novel about a kid T’Challa may not appeal to every Black Panther or Marvel fan, and indeed, the novel doesn’t quite have the crossover appeal to adults that some “Star Wars” novels have. If you’re looking for more adult skewed “Black Panther” material, I’d recommend checking out the graphic novel “Black Panther: Who Is The Black Panther?” However, as previously noted, the novel is intended for a younger audience and to that demographic this book might be appealing as it is filled with action/adventure and a story with strong themes of friendship, growth, destiny, and heroism.

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