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Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny- Leia Comic Book Review


“Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny” gets a brand new comic book series.

After the release of a popular toy line as well as a series of animated shorts, “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” is now getting a new comic book series courtesy of IDW. The first issue (which is a one-shot) of this series focuses on Princess Leia and is set right before the start of “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.” The plot finds Leia, Han and Hera braving the frozen tundra of Hoth on Tauntauns to find replacement parts for a damaged energy shield at Echo Base.

With IDW’s other comic series “Star Wars Adventures,” you basically get little snippets of “Star Wars” that often feel rushed or inconsequential. With the first issue of writers Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet’s “Leia” one-shot, however, you get a story that has some depth as it’s about leadership, partnership, determination, heroism, and the rebellion. More than that though, the comic really lives up to this particular brand in that it showcases the strength of a female character in the “Star Wars” universe in an effective and indeed inspiring manner. As for the story itself, it’s just a flat-out well written and fun adventure that cleverly leads in to ‘Empire Strikes Back’ as I previously mentioned.

The art by Elsa Charretier isn’t photorealistic or anything of that sort, but the stylized nature of the art really compliments the story. Colorist Sarah Stern’s work really strengthens Elsa’s art by offering up a memorable and lively color palette.

Overall Thoughts: The “Forces of Destiny” comic series is off to a fine start. I’m certainly looking forward to reading more one-shots in the near future.

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