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Woodshock Blu-ray Review


“Woodshock” is pretentious drivel.

To describe the plot of “Woodshock” would be admitting that the movie has a plot which I’m not sure it does. Basically, viewers can expect to see a meandering film that contains story elements involving a grief stricken young woman (Theresa) who lost her mother, murder, nature, a pot store, and the differences between reality and fantasy. That’s about it.

Written and directed by fashion designers turned filmmakers Kate and Laura Mulleavy, “Woodshock” plays like an unintentional parody of art films. It’s filled with endless scenes of a moping main character, characters wandering around aimlessly, not so subtle symbolism, trippy visuals, and vague characterization. Is it nice to look at? Absolutely, but stylish visuals do not make a movie alone as this movie definitely shows. Had the story been more coherent and the characters more fleshed out, “Woodshock” might have been something more. As is, it’s a sloppy indie movie that feels like the work of first timers (which it is ).

As for star Kirsten Dunst, she’s been on fire as of late, but unfortunately, she has lousy material to work with here. It’s clear that “Woodshock” could have been a showcase for her acting, but instead, it does the opposite. The filmmakers are more concerned with visuals than the cast.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? The picture quality is not as sharp as one would expect from a Blu-ray release, but it still looks solid nonetheless.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? “Woodshock” is a largely quiet film so the track doesn’t have a lot to do. With that said, the 5.1 track still delivers in what it has to do here.

Extras: Digital copy, Lionsgate trailers, and a 13 minute featurette titled “Making Woodshock: A Mental Landscape” which contains film clips, interviews, discussions about the story and character, and more.


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