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Star Wars Adventures Issue 2 Comic Book Review


Issue two of “Star Wars Adventures” is another solid issue.

The second of IDW’s “Star Wars Adventures” follows the same odd format as the first issue. The issue kicks off with the main event “Better The Devil You Know, Part 2” by writer Cavan Scott and artist Derek Charm. In this colorfully illustrated story, Rey has to reluctantly rescue Unkar Plutt from the clutches of Zoo and his minions. While the story basically writes itself, fans will be happy to see the dynamic between those two characters explored more. I do have to question the depiction of Unkar here as he is shown having a softer side. Not sure if I buy that.

Next up is “Tales From Wild Space: The Flat Mountain Of Yavin” by writers Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet and artist Elsa Charretier. Once again Emil tells a story to his crew members. This time around the story involves Evaan Verlaine displaying bravery to help the Rebels evacuate Yavin 4. Truth be told, this story is far too short and brief to really say much about. I will say it is nice to see Evaan again who may be familiar to those with a deep knowledge of canonical comics and so on.

After that, there’s another “Dispatches From Wild Space” which displays written tidbits about the droid characters Boo and Crater.

Last, but not least there’s the usual cover art gallery and IDW comic ads.

Overall Thoughts: Issue 2 of “Star Wars Adventures” is quick and enjoyable, but I can’t help but wish these issues were longer and included more stories. Double-sized issues would really benefit this series.

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