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A Ghost Story Blu-ray Review


“A Ghost Story” is a tale of two movies.

In the first half of writer/director David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story,” the movie plays like an arthouse indie version of “Ghost.” The story starts out by introducing the audience to a married couple only known as C (Casey Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara). After C dies in a car accident, he comes back as a ghost who wears a white sheet. C returns to his home and watches his widowed wife who is trying to move on with her life. Sounds like a pretty uneventful story about loss, right? It is…unless you count long shots of a ghost staring, severely understated performances, or M eating pie for 5 minutes plus eventful.

The second half, however, feels like an entirely different (and better) movie. Now, I won’t go into specific plot details to avoid spoilers, but I will say the movie delves into such subjects as time, home, connections, time loops, a haunted house, history, and places in an almost Terrence Malick esque fashion.

While the second half is presented in an often pretentious manner, it is at the very least visually and thematically involving as opposed to the dull first half. David Lowery clearly has a lot on his mind here and he’s expressing the ideas in a unique fashion in this spin on a haunted house tale. At the end of the day though, “A Ghost Story” feels like a 92 minute movie that could have been a tight and superior 20 minute short.


Presentation: 1.78:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a disappointing hi-def transfer that honestly looks like a DVD transfer at times.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The DTS track seems like overkill given that the movie is largely dialogue free. Still, it does the job.

Extras: * Lionsgate trailers. * Digital copy. * 1 deleted scene. * “A Ghost Story And The Inevitable Passing Of Time”- Casey Affleck and crew members talk about the film and its inception in a supposedly haunted location in this 20 minute extra. * “A Composer’s Story”- Film composer Daniel Hart talks about the music (and song) in the film. * Commentary by David Lowery, Andrew Droz Palermo, Jade Healy, and Daniel Hart. Expect lots of behind-the-scenes stories.

“A Ghost Story” is available on Blu-ray and DVD October 3, 2017

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