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Erik The Conqueror Blu-ray Review


“Erik The Conqueror” is a solid Viking movie.

Upon arriving in Britain, the Vikings were hoping to come in peace. Alas, the ruthless Rutford betrays the Vikings and wipes out most of them (including King Herald). Britain’s King Loter is upset by Rutford’s actions and finds him secretly betrayed and killed by Rutford as well. Miraculously, the King’s two sons (Erik and Eron) manage to survive the ordeal. Eron is rescued by surviving Vikings while Erik is taken in by the widowed Queen. The story then jumps ahead 20 years with Eron now becoming the King of the Vikings while Erik becomes a Duke and Commander. The two find themselves battling one another not knowing they are brothers. Will they reunite? Will Rutford be punished for his traitorous actions? Will Eron and Erik find love amidst all this drama? That would be telling.

Mario Bava is most well known as an Italian horror filmmaker, but his work was not limited to that genre. In 1961, he crafted a Technicolor historical adventure epic about Vikings. While it is by no means a classic, it’s still a respectable spectacle that boasts some breathtaking shots and action set pieces. Despite stiff performances and a final 20 minutes that drags on a bit too long, you’ll be hard pressed not to get caught up in the drama unfolding on screen. Really, the movie has it all if you think about it. There’s bloody violence, there’s romance, there’s family drama, there’s great location shooting, there’s a historical element, and so on.

As tends to be the case with big epic movies, the production values are top notch here. The crew deserves much credit for their creation of the big sets, costumes, and props.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? Even with the presence of grain, this 2K restoration really impresses. The Technicolor looks especially colorful here.

Audio Tracks: Italian and English Mono. How do they sound? The Italian track (with English subtitles) is the clear choice here as it contains the best audio quality. For some strange reason, the English track is poor quality and sounds very tinny.

Extras: * DVD copy. * A booklet featuring credits, photos, and an essay by film critic Kat Ellinger. * The original ending shot which has been preserved as a bonus feature. * “Gli Invasori”- A video essay by writer Michael Mackenzie in which he compares “Erik The Conqueror” to the hit movie “The Vikings” that came before ‘Erik.’ * A lengthy hour plus long audio interview between Tim Lucas and Cameron Mitchell. Cameron talks about his career, Mario Bava, and so on. * A new commentary by author Tim Lucas. This is a very informative and clearly scripted commentary if you are into that sort of thing.

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