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Golden Kamuy Volume 1 Manga Review

Golden Kamuy

“Golden Kamuy” is a surprising manga series.

When exploring the world of manga series, it’s easy to get lost in the massive amounts of fighting, action, romance, and mech series out there, but it should be noted that there are plenty of series out there of different genres. “Golden Kamuy” is one of those series.

In the first volume of writer/artist Satoru Noda’s series, the Hokkaido set story revolves around the character of Saichi Sugimoto. He’s a scarred former soldier of the Russo-Japanese War who is in need of money to help the family of a dead friend and soldier. While coming up empty handed on his hunt for gold, he hears a story about hidden gold and sets out to find it himself. Near the beginning of his journey, he meets an Ainu girl named Asirpa who decides to aid him in his quest for her own personal reasons. Unfortunately, the two face a whole host of problems that include bears and several groups of people that are also after the gold.

As I read “Golden Kamuy,” I found myself delighted by the story’s ambitions. It’s a part road, survival, nature, post war story with hints of “Prison Break” and “The Treasure of Sierra Madre” (the comparisons will make sense when you read it). In other words, there’s a lot going on in this story both thematically and story wise as it digs into everything from the gold mystery to Asirpa’s backstory. My only real issue with the first volume is that it gets a little too repetitious in the end as Saichi and Asirpa get stuck in a sort of routine of chasing after people and getting shot at. Hopefully, Satoru Noda can get out of that and mix it up more, but time will tell on that.

Aside from the intriguing story, I was immediately struck by Noda’s art which is thankfully displayed in a larger sized manga. From the vistas and the depictions of violence to the surreal moments and intense action panels, Noda really knows how to tell a story visually with a refreshing style that is different from the norm.

Overall Thoughts: “Golden Kamuy” is off to a good start and I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here on out. Recommended.

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