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The Art Of Magic: The Gathering- Amonkhet Book Review


“The Art Of Magic: The Gathering- Amonkhet” will satisfy MTG fans.

“Magic: The Gathering” may be best known as a supremely popular fantasy collectible card game, but it’s also noteworthy for its often breathtaking art and intricate story. Thanks to Viz Media, some of this artwork and story is now being showcased in the recent “The Art of Magic: The Gathering” line of books.

In this fourth installment titled “The Art Of Magic: The Gathering- Amonkhet,” the hardcover book dives into the current expansion block of the MTG card game which is comprised of the two sets Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation. The book (which is written by James Wyatt) explores the Egyptian themed mythology by going into in-depth descriptions of the world of Amonkhet, the landscape, the villainous Planeswalker Nicol Bolas and his fiendish plans, the Curse of the Wandering, the journey to the afterlife, the city of Naktamun, the trial of the 5 Gods (of which there are many), the different types of inhabitants such as humans and khenra, the various ceremonies, the Gateswatch Planeswalkers team and their journey to Amonkhet as well as key events and battles that transpired here. I could go into more detail, but it’s best to learn more by discovering it yourself through the pages of this book.

As an added bonus, the book also contains a foreword by Greg Leeds, a rundown of what MTG is, and a piece about the design of Amonkhet set by lead designer Ethan Fleischer.

For some MTG players, it is all about the game and its mechanics. A lot of people ignore the fact that there’s a lot of work that goes into each set and, of course, the art. So many of us that play the game are used to just seeing the art on small cards and learning a few tidbits about the set’s mythos on a piece of paper so it’s nice to see a book that not only gives a really detailed look at one particular set, but one that also offers up blown up pieces of artwork. Seeing the art in a much larger form really gives you an appreciation for the striking pictures done by artists of a multitude of different styles such as Ryan Pancoast, Anthony Palumbo, Sara Winters, Izzy, Daarken, Shreya Shetty, John Stanko, Noah Bradley, Raymond Swanland, Chris Rallis and so many more. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in images of the anointed (AKA mummies), the dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas, the colorful cartouches, and detailed creatures like the giant dragon, Sphinxes, the Hydra and so on. Some of the most vivid work presented here is done by artist Titus Lunter who has crafted some truly dazzling imagery of everything from an island to Kefnet’s Monument (some of which are laid out in two-page spreads!). He’s a true master of designing places/buildings. In terms of the actual written material, writer James Wyatt goes to incredible lengths to essentially lay out an entire universe for the readers from the land to the characters. If you wanted to know about any aspect of Amonkhet, this book has you covered.

Overall Thoughts: It’s nice to see MTG art and story getting the proper attention it deserves outside of the cards they appear on. Check this book out (especially if you’re an MTG fan).

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