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Lost In America Criterion Blu-ray Review

Lost In America

While funny, “Lost In America” feels too short.

Directed by, starring, and co-written by Albert Brooks, “Lost In America” is a 1985 comedy revolving around a married couple (David and Linda). The two are unhappy with the state of their stagnant lives and, as such, decide to quit their jobs, buy an RV, get re-married, live on their “nest egg,” find themselves, and travel the country. Alas, their plan doesn’t quite pan out after a serious of unfortunate circumstances make them question their big decision.

There’s no doubt that Albert Brooks is an accomplished actor, writer, and director who has made or appeared in such classics as “Defending Your Life,” “Finding Nemo,” “Taxi Driver,” among others. With “Lost In America,” Brooks has once again crafted a funny tale about wealth, wild ideals, and the notion of “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” For the most part, the film is filled with great one-liners and well developed characters in David and Linda. However, the movie feels like it’s missing about a half hour. For a film about touring the country, we don’t see much of their adventures. Most of the runtime is comprised of a few sequences that contain a ton of dialogue (one might argue some of it is extremely overwritten). On top of that, it all feels a bit too choreographed and neat and tidy in the end which is a bit puzzling. It felt we should have seen more of the couple’s trials and tribulations on the road.

Acting wise, Albert Brooks and the supremely underrated Julie Hagerty are great here. Not only do they have convincing chemistry together, but they each bring so much to their characters individually. Look out for a great small role by the late director Garry Marshall as well.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? Even though the film has been restored with a 2K digital transfer, you really wouldn’t know it. The film looks very fuzzy and doesn’t look like much of an upgrade from the DVD.

Audio Track: Uncompressed Mono. How does it sound? A decent Mono track. The music is noticeably lively here.

Extras: * “Lost In America” trailer. * A booklet featuring an essay by writer/reviewer Scott Tobias. * A newly shot half-hour conversation between Albert Books and filmmaker Robert Weide. The two talk about characters, realism, Albert’s family and career and more. * New separate interviews with Julie Hagerty, Herb Nanas and James L. Brooks. Discussions involve Albert Brooks, characters, behind-the-scenes stories of filming in “Lost In America,” life and careers, and more.

Overall Thoughts: Flaws aside, “Lost In America” is a fun comedy.

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