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Highlander: The American Dream Issue 5 Comic Book Review


The fifth issue of “Highlander: The American Dream” is a satisfying conclusion to the mini-series.

In the fifth and final issue of the “Highlander: The American Dream” comic book mini-series, everything comes to a head. Connor MacLeod and John Hooke face off (again) while Osta Vazilek and a certain foe teased in issue 4 go head to head. Connor’s friend Rachel also plays a bigger role here as does FBI agent Highsmith.

It hasn’t always been pretty, but writer Brian Ruckley definitely sticks the landing here with an intense final issue. This issue really has it all. There’s plenty of sword wielding action, effective character moments, and the fifth issue properly leads in to the first “Highlander” film.

The only real downside here is once again Andrea Mutti’s art. The artist really struggles here with mediocre character models and action panels that aren’t quite as exciting as they could be. Mutti’s style is generally just underwhelming which is a shame.

Note: The comic concludes with a piece on “Home Time: Under The River” and a whole lot of IDW ads.

Overall Thoughts: If you’re a Highlander fan, you’ll want to check out all 5 issues of “Highlander: The American Dream.”

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