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Highlander: The American Dream Issue 4 Comic Book Review


The fourth issue of “Highlander: The American Dream” is an improvement over the last two.

After the lackluster second and third issues, I was in no hurry to read more. Having had some distance between issues, however, I decided to dive back into the series. Once again, the issue goes back and forth between the years 1955 and 1985 in New York. In the 1955 time period, Connor is chasing serial killer immortal John Hooke while 1985 sees The Gathering coming ever closer. Obviously, there’s more going on than just that, but I’d like to let the readers experience more for themselves here.

After a fight heavy opening, it appeared writer Brian Ruckley’s mini-series was back on track. Alas, that excitement diminishes a bit with the middle portion of the issue going back to the same old routine of John Hooke being on the loose and repetitive discussions about the forthcoming Gathering. Just as my frustrations started to kick in, however, the last page wins me over completely. Now I just have to see how it all plays out.

As for artist Andrea Mutti’s work, it’s still pretty uneven. While it does the job, nothing much stands out about it. In fact, some of the panels look decidedly rough around the edges especially when it comes to capturing the characters.

Overall Thoughts: The fourth issue is quite an up and down ride, but it should win fans over in the end.

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