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Ghostbusters 101 Issue 3 Comic Book Review


“Ghostbusters 101” issue 3 is a slight improvement over 2.

In issue 3 of “Ghostbusters 101,” the class essentially becomes interrupted by the fact that both sets of Ghostbusters (Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, Zeddemore and Yates, Gilbert, Holtzmann, Tolin) finally cross paths in the same universe. Naturally, everyone is confused especially when they discover that their dimensions are overlapping.

After the disappointing second issue of the “Ghostbusters 101,” issue 3 manages to bounce back…a little. Yes, the mini-series is still a rather slow, exposition filled set-up for future issues that hasn’t reached its true potential, but there’s a lot to enjoy about writer Erik Burnham’s issue here. Without delving into spoilers, I will say he gives fans two particularly geektastic references involving the film franchise and something else “Ghostbusters” related. That’s very vague I know, but trust me when I say they are the best part of this issue.

In terms of the characters, I still think Burnham struggles with writing them. For most of this issue, he relies on Holtzmann to provide a majority of the comic relief. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that as she was the best part of “Ghostbusters” (2016), but all of the other characters (especially the original characters) feel short changed here. In other words, once the two sets of Ghostbusters actually meet, it’s very anti-climactic.

Once again, artist Dan Schoening excels at creating his own style for this series. This time around, he also gets the chance to draw some really rewarding panels (yes, this ties into the vagueness mentioned above).

Note: Ghostbusters 101 class notes are included at the end of this issue.

Overall Thoughts: “Ghostbusters 101” is improving here, but it’s still not as entertaining as it could or should be.

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