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Altitude Blu-ray Review


“Altitude” crashes and burns.

In “Altitude,” a disobedient FBI agent (Gretchen) gets transferred to another job in Washington D.C. While en route on a plane, she meets a seemingly wealthy man (Terry) offers her millions in exchange for her help as the plane is about to be hijacked by a group of murderous criminals who are seeking something Terry has. With the help of an Air Marshal, Gretchen must try to stop these criminals, save the passengers on board the flight and protect Terry.

I’m not going to mince words here; “Altitude” is a straight up bad action-thriller. It would be one thing if it was a dopey film that had some camp value, but the fact is, the movie is almost unwatchable thanks to the inept direction by Alex Merkin and the barely visible cinematography by Dane Lawing. For a majority of the runtime, it looks like the action is either being filmed with very little light or while the camera man is jumping up and down. The editing (also by Alex Merkin) is equally incoherent as well. It makes it hard to watch a movie in which you can barely see what is going on.

As if the movie itself wasn’t baffling enough, it has one of the strangest casts ever assembled with Dolph Lundgren, Denise Richards, former UFC star Chuck Liddell, and Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Greer Grammer. Yes, you read that right. Denise Richards continues her improbable roles from a nuclear physicist to an FBI agent. To this day, she is still unable to emote. Lundgren is clearly doing this for a paycheck as he spends almost the entire film in a cockpit. Liddell has nothing to do here in his very brief role. Only Greer Grammer seems to be trying here as the villainess Sadie. At least she looks like she’s having fun.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? Not even Blu-ray can make this poorly shot film look good despite its best efforts.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? A solid if unspectacular track.

Extras include: A digital copy, Lionsgate trailers, and an “Altitude” trailer.

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