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Judge Dredd: Funko Universe One-Shot Comic Book Review


More of the same.

The “Judge Dredd: Funko Universe” one-shot marks a return to the multi-story format ala “The X-Files: Funko Universe” comic book. The comic contains a total of 3 stories written by John Layman. The stories involve a wanted mutant, a documentary narrator robot, deadly plants, a lost dog, and Dark Judges turning people into zombies.

Going into this particular Funko Universe comic I was skeptical about it as Dredd doesn’t exactly lend itself to more humorous tales. After reading it, I still feel that way. While the stories remain faithful to the Mega-City One universe and contain plenty of easter eggs (I loved the Sly Stallone film reference), the somewhat cutesy tone and underdeveloped stories will likely have readers shrugging their shoulders after closing the book. By now, the Funko gimmick is starting to wear thin and I’m not sure how many more Funko Universe comics people will be clamoring. It was charming once with “The X-Files: Funko Universe,” but the subsequent releases have left me cold. I suppose some fans may get a kick out of the tongue-in-cheek look at their favorite comic book Judge, but I would also imagine a lot of devoted “Judge Dredd” fans will groan at this interpretation as well.

One thing that does not disappoint here is the artwork. Francesco Gaston’s (who illustrates stories 1 and 3) art is perfectly suited for a Funko-Dredd crossover. He nails the stylistic look that one would expect from a Funko version of Mega-City One and its inhabitants. Troy Little’s art in story 2 is equally impressive here and is perhaps a bit more detailed and interesting in terms of its style.

Note: The comic concludes with “Judge Dredd” comic ads, an interview about “Alack Sinner: The Age of Innocence,” as well as other IDW and Funko ads.


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