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I Confess Blu-ray Review

I Confess

“I Confess” is a unique Hitchcock film.

After a lawyer (Villette) is murdered, the murderer (Otto) confronts a Priest (Father Logan) to confess his crime. Bound by his vows, Father Logan reluctantly keeps quiet, but his silence comes back to haunt him as the police have reason to believe Father Logan is the murderer. Adding further complication to Father Logan’s life is a married woman (Ruth) who still has feelings for him.

“I Confess” includes many familiar tropes of a standard Hitchcock film in that it contains murder, film noir elements, court room drama, and a wronged man, but for the most part, it looks and feels different than his usual films. We all know Hitchcock is considered the “Master of Suspense,” but “I Confess” is different in that there is very little suspense as we know who the murderer is from the start. Moreover, the film is largely a psychological character study that touches on some rather deep subjects such as religion, faith, loyalty, crime, truth, law, and morality. Anyone who knows the work of Hitchcock knows that religion isn’t something he tackled very much at all which is what partially what makes this such a curiosity. The entire film is largely all about the inner conflict of Father Logan as struggles with his oath and decides what to do. Will he reveal the truth, take the blame, be wrongfully arrested, or will the truth come out on its own?

It should come as no surprise that the cast is great. The underrated Montgomery Clift shines as per usual, Anne Baxter delivers a solid performance in a pivotal role, and Karl Malden arguably steals the show as a dedicated cop.


Presentation: 1.37:1 1080p. How does it look? This Blu-ray disc boasts a pristine print. The film’s incredible atmospheric cinematography has never looked better.

Audio Track: 2.0 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? While adequate, the track is rather flat at times.

* “I Confess” trailer.
* “Gala Canadian premiere For I Confess Newsreel Footage”- The title of this 59 second extra says it all.
* The 20 minute “Hitchcok’s Confession: A Look At I Confess” contains film clips, interviews with the likes of Peter Bogdanovich, and discussions about the film’s story, content and characters.

Overall Thoughts: “I Confess” may not get the attention of a film like “Psycho,” but it’s worth seeking out for fans of the brilliant filmmaker.

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