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Top 10 Netflix Series


Even though I may object to how Netflix has negatively impacted the film and TV industries to some degrees, there’s no question that they are putting out some of the best original programming period. With “Love” season 2, “Iron Fist,” and the much anticipated “Mystery Science Theater 3000” revival on the horizon, the Netflix originals only look to get even better. While we all impatiently wait for new series to come out, I thought I’d take a look back at the best Netflix original series thus far. Without further adieu…

  1. Daredevil- While some people were fond of “House of Cards,” “Daredevil” was the first show that made me take notice of Netflix’s original programming. Not only was this Marvel series a faithful and refreshingly adult take on the comic book material, but the show also proved that one could make an excellent grounded comic book series for TV that could stand toe to toe with any of the MCU films.
  1. Black Mirror: Season 3- Last year’s debut of season 3 blew everyone away with its intelligent and topical anthological storytelling. It was the best thing I saw on TV all of last year.
  1. Stranger Things- A close second to “Black Mirror” last year was this fun sci-fi/horror 80’s throwback series. There’s a reason everyone was buzzing about this show last summer- it’s just that good.
  1. Master Of None- I don’t tend to be a big fan of sitcoms as they often feel phony, but Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang’s smart observational comedy felt very down to Earth. Moreover, it’s really funny and addicting.
  1. Love- Awkward, funny, quirky, romantic- “Love” is all these things and more.
  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 (AKA The Lost Missions)- After the abrupt cancellation, it was thrilling to get 13 additional episodes that just happened to contain some of the best episodes of the entire series.
  1. Orange Is The New Black- OITNB has had its ups and downs, but when it’s firing on all cylinders, this diverse and groundbreaking series is as good as anything on TV.
  1. Sense8- While “Sense8” might not be able to live up to its potential when it’s all over and done with, it is (as of right now) a moving sci-fi series about humanity and connections. The series feels even more important in this modern age.
  1. Easy- A truly great indie mumblecore anthology series about sex and relationships that sadly barely got any attention.
  1. Luke Cage- While a solid comic book show overall, “Luke Cage” nabbed the tenth spot primarily because of Mahershala Ali’s spellbinding performance as Cottonmouth. You have to see it.

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