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Highlander: The American Dream Issue 1 Comic Book Review


“Highlander” returns with a promising new comic book series titled “The American Dream.”

In the debut issue of “Highlander: The American Dream,” the story begins in Manhattan, 1985 where we see an Immortal (Osta Vazilek) meeting the Highlander himself (Connor MacLeod) before the impending Gathering. As the two begin to chat, they are unknowingly followed by someone shady. Shortly thereafter, the story then flashes back to Connor and Osta in 1863 during the Civil War where they first met. I will say no more.

After a stint over at Dynamite Entertainment, “Highlander” comic books have found a new home with IDW. If the first issue is any indication, this is where the property should have been from the get go.

Unlike some of the sequels and the mediocre Dynamite comics, “Highlander: The American Dream” feels linked to the first and still best film. Writer Brian Ruckley shows an understanding of the mythology as he explores The Gathering, the Immortals, the use of flashbacks, and Connor while also introducing new elements. Sure, one can argue that the script is perhaps overwritten at times as characters essentially repeat themselves, but one thing is for sure, I’m on board for more. I want to learn more about Connor and Osta’s past and where the story is headed in NY.

The only downside to this issue is the art by Andrea Mutti. Considering that the “Highlander” franchise is an epic fantasy adventure, it is a bummer that the art looks and feels positively pedestrian. The environments are noticeably bland and the character models look interchangeable from one another.

Note: The issue concludes with comic ads and an interview between Ted Adams and “Animal Noir” creators.

Overall Thoughts: “Highlander: The American Dream” should please longtime fans.

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