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Diary Of A Chambermaid (2015) Blu-ray Review


Léa Seydoux can’t quite save “Diary Of A Chambermaid.”

Based on the novel of the same name by Octave Mirbeau, the 2015 film version of “Diary Of A Chambermaid” follows the sassy and honest Celestine in the year 1900. The film follows her life as she gets a position as a devoted chambermaid for the demanding Mrs. Lanlaire and the perverted Mr. Lanlaire and later a dying young man (Georges). Aside from her professional work, the story also follows her sexual exploits, her friendships, and her blossoming relationship with a creepy racist gardener (Joseph). Will Celestine continue to be a chambermaid or does her future lie somewhere else?

While watching “Diary Of A Chambermaid,” you can’t help but be entranced by Léa Seydoux’s performance. The actress (who is best known for “Spectre” and “Blue Is The Warmest Color”) is clearly giving the role her all, but unfortunately, she is let down by the movie around her. While this particular film adaptation tackles deep subjects such as class, sex, racism, sexism, and morally bankrupt individuals, the ambitious gloomy movie is ultimately rather off-putting (even if that may be intentional). The seemingly tacked on and frankly puzzling ending doesn’t help the film’s case either.

The rest of the film is also strangely disconnected as well. Writer/director Benoit Jacquot seems to keep the audience at a distance. Between some bizarre edits and weird creative choices, you feel like you’re watching a movie when that shouldn’t be on your mind.


Presentation: 2.39:1 1080p. How does it look? Say what you will about this period piece, but one thing is for certain, it looks stunning in hi-def.

Audio Track: French 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? While the track does the job, it is a little flat to be honest.

* Cohen Media Group trailers and a “Diary Of A Chambermaid” trailer.
* A booklet with film credits.
* “The Making Of Diary Of A Chambermaid” contains behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, book and film discussions, etc.

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