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Top 10 Basketball Movies

hoop-dreamsHoosiers.jpgSpace Jam.jpg

With the 2017 NBA All-Star festivities starting tonight, it felt like the right time to draft up a list of the best basketball movies. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many basketball movies as one might think and there are even less good ones. With that said, I still managed to come up with 10 that are certainly worth your time.

  1. Hoosiers- To this day, nothing has even come close to “Hoosiers” when it comes to basketball movies. It is the gold standard.
  1. Once Brothers- This 30 for 30 film revolving around Vlade Divac is an emotional and tragic documentary.
  1. O- While this take on “Othello” is technically more of a Shakespeare movie than a basketball movie, basketball is still a pivotal part of the story.
  1. Love And Basketball- A unique, smart, and touching romantic drama that doubles as a stand-out basketball film.
  1. Hoop Dreams- An essential documentary from director Steve James.
  1. Finding Forrester- Worth a place on this list for the “You’re the man now, dog!” scene alone.
  1. Celtic Pride- This isn’t a film that is mentioned much these days, but it’s actually quite an amusing comedy that boasts exceptional performances by Dan Akroyd, Daniel Stern and Damon Wayans.
  1. Forget Paris- While primarily a romantic movie about a ref, there are plenty of great NBA cameos and moments to be found here.
  1. White Men Can’t Jump- You can’t go wrong with the chemistry between Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.
  1. Space Jam- A fun animated-live-action hybrid that has continued to find an audience 21 years later.

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