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The Girl On The Train Blu-ray Review

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“The Girl On The Train” is better than reviews suggest.

In this film adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ novel of the same name, the interconnected story revolves around 3 troubled women (Megan, Anna and Rachel). Megan is an unhappy wife and nanny who is a rather sexually adventurous person. Anna is the mother of the child Megan is a nanny for. She is married to Rachel’s ex-husband Tom. Rachel is an unstable, alcoholic and depressed woman whose mind is a total wreck. She used to be married to Tom who has since moved on to being with Anna as mentioned above. Rachel has a tendency to stalk Tom and spend her days riding the train. Every time she rides the train, she observes Megan and her husband Scott and envies their seemingly ideal life. One day, she sees Megan cheating on Scott and goes to confront her because it reminds her of when she was cheated on by Tom. The confrontation is a total blur, however, as Rachel wakes up to find herself bloodied and bruised. Worse still, she doesn’t know what happened and discovers that Megan is missing. From here on out, the mystery of Megan’s disappearance unfolds and leads to a shocking reveal.

Despite the somewhat poor reception it has received, “The Girl On The Train” is an engaging Hitchockian mystery/thriller that manages to hold your interest from start to finish. While the plot is decidedly far fetched, the movie deserves credit for being something different than the norm. It’s not everyday that you see a challenging female character centric story revolving around complex and damaged characters. It’s a bold move to have main characters that are secretive, deceptive, distrusting, and generally messed up people. While that might make it hard for some viewers to connect with the film, I found it refreshing. It also works for the “everyone’s a suspect” type mystery story this film contains.

“The Girl On The Train” boasts a huge cast that contains Emily Blunt, Luke Evans, Rebecca Ferguson, Laura Prepon, Allison Janney, Justin Theroux, Lisa Kudrow and Haley Bennett. Everyone is impressive here, but this is very much Emily Blunt’s movie. She steals the film right out from everyone as the seemingly deranged Rachel. This is a tough character to play but Blunt goes all out and knocks it out of the park.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p. How does it look? The transfer is really quite splendid. The clarity of the image is positively striking.

Audio Track: DTS:X. How does it sound? This high quality DTS track seems like overkill given that this is not an audio intensive film, but it still delivers the goods to be sure.

* DVD copy and Digital copy.
* 14 deleted/extended scenes.
* “The Women Behind The Girl”- A featurette that contains interviews with crew members, film clips, set footage, and plot/character discussions.
* “On Board The Train”- A featurette on the characters that contains interviews with the cast and crew.
* A bland solo commentary by director Tate Taylor.

* Universal film trailers.

Overall Thoughts: “The Girl On The Train” will not appeal to everyone, but if you go with it, it’s an entertaining albeit dark ride.

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