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The Love Boat Season 3 Volume 1 DVD Review


“The Love Boat” is what it is.

In the first 14 episodes of season 3 (16 if you count the 2 two parters), “The Love Boat” furthers the adventures of the cruise ship crew (Captain Stubing, Doc, Gopher the Yeoman, Isaac the bartender, and Julie the cruise director) and the host of passengers (AKA the guest stars). Throughout this batch of episodes, expect to see plots involving a wedding cruise from Vancouver to Alaska, family drama, romance, the Captain being audited, Gopher entertaining the passengers, Isaac’s novel, a charity cruise, illnesses, and plenty of subplots involving passengers such as a movie star, a retired NFL star, ex-lovers, a Doctor, sisters and much more.

For those of you who grew up after the show aired, the 70’s era “The Love Boat” is essentially an hour long primetime soap with ocassional laugh track comedic moments thrown in for good measure. The series is designed to be little more than a showcase for a whole host of guest stars such as Lorne Greene, Don Knotts, Ray Milland, Phyllis Diller, Ginger Rogers, Sonny Bono, Don Ameche, Buddy Hackett, Julie Newmar, and tons more. Sure, the cruise ship cast members have their own storylines, but it’s all about the guests of the week.

In watching “The Love Boat” through a modern lense, I can’t imagine this show has much appeal to a contemporary audience or anyone who hasn’t previously seen it. It’s a very cheesy 70’s show with cornball humor and soap opera dramatics. In other words, it was a product of its time. Still, the show is not without its moments. Lauren Tewes (who plays Julie) is particularly charming here and livens up the show whenever she’s on screen. Also, as gimmicky as the premise is, it is quite clever in the way that it allows a revolving cast of guest stars. It’s easy to see why people tuned in week after week to see who would pop up next.

Even though the market might be slim for a modern audience, it’s clear this DVD release is intended for people who view it as a comfort show or are nostalgic about the series. As anyone will tell you, this is by no means a complex series as you know what you are getting week to week.


Presentation: 4:3. How does it look? There are some dirt specs present but overall the picture quality is decent enough.

Audio Track: Dolby Digital Mono. How does it sound?  It’s your standard Mono track. It’s not going to amaze anyone but it does the job.

The only extras are episode promos.


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