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Sherlock, Home Alone, And Die Hard Coloring Book Reviews

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This trio of adult coloring books has something for everyone.

Since adult coloring books are all the rage these days, it’s not a surprise that so many film and TV themed coloring books have been released as of late. Publisher Harper Design has started to get in on the fun with 3 of their latest releases “Die Hard: The Authorized Coloring And Activity Book,” “Home Alone: The Authorized Coloring Book,” and “Sherlock: The Mind Palace: A Coloring Book Adventure.”

Artist Doogie Horner’s “Die Hard: The Authorized Coloring And Activity Book” is definitely the most adult themed coloring book of the lot as it tells the story of the original action film complete with film quotes, bloody glass embedded feet, dead bodies, explosions, and wounds. Truth be told, this is a very odd release to say the least. It almost feels like a parody of adult coloring books because it’s such an out of the blue licensed title. You almost have to wonder who this title is for.

In terms of the artwork, it’s rather simplistic. Bruce Willis does not remotely resemble Bruce Willis and most of the characters tend to be weirdly drawn (although there are a few solid drawings of Alan Rickman). Coloring aside, this book is notable for including other activities such as drawing a face, a “Mad Libs” esque fill in the blank section, a match game, a movie bingo, and mazes.

“Home Alone: The Authorized Coloring Book” may be an adult coloring book but it’s definitely an all ages release. The book is essentially a condensed version of the entire story of the original 1990 film with traps and all.

Illustrator Alex Fine certainly displays talent as evidenced by his Buzz, Old Man Marley, and Marv with iron imprint pages, but the art itself is hit-and-miss overall. Not only does Fine struggle with capturing Macaulay Culkin’s likeness, but he struggles with certain other cast member faces. Despite that issue, this is still a fun festive holiday coloring book.

The best has been saved for last with “Sherlock: The Mind Palace: A Coloring Book Adventure.” The incredibly skilled professional artist Mike Collins has crafted an intricate coloring book that takes moments from the 3 seasons/series of “Sherlock” from episodes such as “The Great Game” and “His Last Vow.” Everything here is wonderful. The characters (and the actors that portray them) are extremely well defined, the background environments are meticulously detailed (especially the wallpaper), and specific items like clothing, flowers, confetti and buildings are perfectly designed. Suffice it to say, you’re going to spend A LOT of time filling everything in here.

As an added bonus, there is a side game/mystery of sorts where the coloring book owner can search for hidden “clues” in the illustrations.


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