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Men And Chicken Blu-ray Review


“Men And Chicken” is one weird movie.

After their father dies, brothers Gabriel (a teacher) and Elias (a sex fiend) learn that he wasn’t actually their real father. Instead, their real father apparently resides on an island called Ork. The two decide to travel the island where they discover that they have 3 other siblings that live in a mansion with their father and numerous animals. As Gabriel and Elias explore the mansion and get to know their brothers, it becomes clear that something is off. Why haven’t they met their shut-in father? Why are animals living inside the mansion walls? Why are the brothers so screwed up? All is revealed in the end.

“And now for something completely different…” From the opening minutes, it’s clear that the Danish drama-comedy is not your average movie. The warped film plays like a cross between a mad scientist movie, a slapstick comedy, with shades of the insane dysfunctional family dynamic from a film such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” As if that wasn’t enough, the movie also contains many repugnant moments involving retching, sex, vomiting, caged people, cheese fetishes, animal experiments, people hitting each other with various objects, and other things I can’t type here. Truth be told, it’s not a very fun or funny movie to watch for a majority of the runtime, and yet, the movie concludes on a strong note with some surprisingly heartfelt family scenes. Still, I can’t say the ending makes up for the largely gross material that precedes it.

Cast wise, everyone in the cast commits to their roles here especially Mads Mikkelsen. This is Mads as you have never seen him before. He’s almost unrecognizable at times. Even though the movie itself may not be everyone’s cup of tea (to say the least), there’s little question that Mads continues to show such an impressive range as an actor.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? This stylistic film boasts a crisp transfer.

Audio Track: Danish 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? Honestly, this is a fairly quiet film so this track doesn’t have much to do at all. The DTS track obviously does the job, but don’t expect much audio range from this film.

* DVD copy and Digital copy.
* A booklet featuring still photos, a director essay, and credits.
* A “Men and Chicken” trailer as well as other Drafthouse Film title trailers.


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