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Hell Or High Water Blu-ray Review

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“Hell Or High Water” isn’t quite worthy of the acclaim.

Needing to save their oil rich family’s ranch, a divorced father (Toby) and his reckless brother (Tanner) plot an elaborate series of bank robberies in order to acquire the necessary money. Can a couple of Texas Rangers (Marcus and Alberto) that are hot on their trail prevent them from doing so? That’s the big question.

By all accounts, “Hell Or High Water” should be the type of film I love. Not only is it a picturesque, attention grabbing Texas based Coen Brothers esque mixed genre film that is part thriller, western, and noir, but it also happens to include several power house performances. Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Gil Birmingham and especially Jeff Bridges are all at the top of their game here. The ensemble cast completely elevates the material tenfold while also managing to capture your interest even in moments that seem minute.

Despite those selling points, however, “Hell Or High Water” never quite sits well due to Taylor Sheridan’s problematic script. In these troubled times we live in, the film’s dark themes about questionable morality, sacrifice, violence, money, and guns come off as rather unappetizing whether it is intentional or not. Sure, you can buy into the central story about family, but the rest of it leaves you with an uneasy feeling. On top of that, the plot itself doesn’t quite hold up to scrutiny. There are numerous scenes in which you are left wondering why the characters would be so careless or how the Texas Rangers didn’t cover their bases more thoroughly. It is these type of moments that detract from the film’s high points.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? The cinematography by Giles Nuttgens is bright and stunning in 1080p. Of this there is no doubt.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The DTS track is a lively one due to the songs, action, dialogue, and sound f/x.

* Lionsgate trailers.
* DVD copy and digital copy.
* Q&A from the Archlight Cinema with Sam Lansky, David Mackenzie, Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham. Discussions include themes, characters, acting, etc.
* Interviews and footage from the red carpet premiere in Austin, Texas.
* “Enemies Forever: The Characters Of Hell Or High Water”- A featurette on the characters.
* “Visualizing The Heart Of America”- A bonus feature on the location shooting and cinematography.
* “Damaged Heroes: The Performances Of Hell Or High Water”- The title sums it up.

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