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Francesca Blu-ray Review


“Francesca” is for giallo film lovers.

“Francesca” is yet another ode to giallo films only this one isn’t in a comedic vein like last year’s “The Editor.” With “Francesca,” director Luciano Onetti tells a dark murder mystery story involving Detectives, a missing daughter, murders, and a serial killer (who leaves calling cards so to speak). How do all of these elements play together? That would be telling.

“Francesca” can best be described as the best movie Dario Argento never made. For giallo fans and Italian horror lovers, that should sound like a dream come true as the film incorporates everything you have come to expect from giallo films included an eerie synth scores, gloves, weird imagery, bloody violence, a murder mystery at the heart of the story, POV shots, creepy dolls, and a use of a wide variety of colors. If you are like me and never got into giallo, however, there’s not much to get excited about here. While there’s no denying that the 70’s esque cinematography perfectly evokes the subgenre, the movie is a case of style over substance. The story itself is a dizzying  mess that is completely overshadowed by stylish visual imagery. Now, granted, film is largely a visual medium, but there should be something more to accompany it.


Presentation: 2.35:1 1080p. How does it look? The bright 70’s style cinematography shines in hi-def.

Audio Track: Italian Dolby Digital 2.0. How does it sound? The music is lively, but the rest of the audio is a bit flat (although that may be intentional to emulate giallo films of the past).

* DVD copy and a CD soundtrack for the score.
* A booklet featuring an intro by Art Ettinger.
* MVD Visual trailers.
* An alternate beginning and a hidden scene.
* An interview with Luciano and Nicolas Onetti. The 2 talk about horror cinema, giallo, “Francesca,” the film’s success, etc.
* “Behind The Scenes”- A collection of narrated set footage.

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