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Nerve Blu-ray Review

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“Nerve” starts strong, but ends with a whimper.

“Nerve” revolves around a Staten Island high school girl (Venus) who always seems to play it safe. One day, Venus learns that her wild friend Sydney has started to play a 24-hour underground phone game called Nerve which involves the player filming and doing a series of dares for money all while being watched by other people across the globe. To make a long story short, Sydney essentially coaxes Venus into playing the game as she doesn’t believe Venus takes any risks. Obviously, Venus takes a risk by playing the game. As she begins to play the game, her dares wind up involving another player (Ian).  As the dares become increasingly more difficult, the two begin to bond. Alas, the fun and games comes to a screeching halt when dark secrets about the game are unveiled.

If “Nerve” sounds overly familiar that is because it is essentially a mash-up of “Black Mirror,” “The Game,” and “Unfriended.” Despite its familiarity, however, “Nerve” works well enough for the first hour due to the engaging technological premise, the fast pace, and a couple of solid performances by young stars Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. After the hour mark hits though, it’s all downhill for the film.

Even though the story holds your attention for the duration of the film, Jessica Scharzer’s script (which is based off the novel by Jeanne Ryan) falls apart under the weight of its own conveniences. Between the fact that Venus happens to have a hacker friend with ties to a hacker group and the idea that everyone seems to know about this “secret” game, “Nerve” quickly turns into a downright absurd movie. Obviously, this thriller is a work of fiction that requires a suspension of disbelief, but having events wrapped up with a tidy little bow AND a poignant message nearly ruins the fun that came before in the first sixty minutes.


Presentation: 2.40:1 1080p. How does it look? This is a very bright and flashy movie and the hi-def transfer doesn’t disappoint.

Audio Track: DTS:X. How does it sound? This is a very busy track with lots of loud pop music playing blaring. The DTS:X track handles it all exceedingly well.

* DVD copy and Digital HD copy.
* Lionsgate trailers and “Nerve” trailers.
* “The Fat Jewish Gets Tattewish- Outtakes”- Outtakes of The Fat Jew AKA Josh Ostrovsky
* An “Are You A Watcher Or A Player?” quiz
* “Creating Nerve”- A 15 part making of series that delves into the cast, characters, music, story, set pieces, and more.
* “The Governor’s Ball Takeover”- Footage from the musical festival with various people playing the Nerve game.
* An interactive dare game titled “Do You Have The Nerve?”
* Player profiles of the characters in the film.

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