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It’s A Rockabilly World DVD Review

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“It’s A Rockabilly World” is a simplistic, but involving documentary.

In the 2016 documentary film “It’s A Rockabilly World,” director Brent Huff explores the niche rockabilly culture that includes the fashion, hot rod cars, the music, hair styles, the attitude, the annual Viva Las Vegas event, and the offshoots (such as psychobilly, punkabilly, and hipsterbilly). Interviews with rockabilly fans, musicians, models, and record producers such as Drake Bell, Miss Rockabilly Ruby, Doris Mayday, Danny B. Harvey, and Jimmy Angel are included.

Over the course of the 75 minute runtime, “It’s A Rockabilly World” covers a surprising amount of ground as it dives into the old fashioned 50’s born rockabilly lifestyle that has continued to endure in America and other countries for decades now. For those that might not be aware, Rockabilly (which is a form of rock, blues, and country music) was pioneered by early rock legends like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, and Wanda Jackson and continued in other forms by bands such as The Stray Cats and The Polecats. In terms of the lifestyle, Rebel Without A Cause,” ”Grease,” and “Cry-Baby” would be prime examples of that. Anyway, for the most part, the film is primarily made up of a collection of interviews with modern people who live and breathe rockabilly. In other words, it’s pretty much a straight forward “talking heads” documentary with a new generation of fans and musicians (along with a few old timers) talking about why they treasure rockabilly.

While the “then and now” comparison of the retro Rockabilly scene is informative, the film never digs into the past as much as one would hope. It would have been beneficial to see more about the origins of rockabilly, the pioneers of the subgenre, and the stars that brought it into the limelight. Sure, some of this stuff is touched upon, but not in great detail. The documentary mostly focuses on the youth who are keeping Rockabilly alive. That is informative in its own right, but it’s only telling half the story really.


Presentation: Widescreen. How does it look? The documentary is primarily comprised of newly shot interviews and footage and, as such, it looks pretty sharp even in standard definition.

Audio Track: Unspecified Surround Sound. How does it sound? It sounds a bit muted at times, but it does the job.

No extras.

Overall Thoughts: “It’s A Rockabilly World” is a straight forward snapshot of the different facets of the rockabilly world. Even though a lot of topics are brought up, it’s not as in-depth as it could be. Still, it is worth a watch for those that are curious.

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