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Godzilla: Rage Across Time Issue 3 Comic Book Review

Godzilla 3.png

The third time is not the charm for “Godzilla: Rage Across Time.”

The third issue kicks off with the archaeologist and his assistant wandering England in 2016 before the story jumps back in time to England in the year 1348. In this time period, the kingdom is being plagued by the Black Death. King Edward III is seeking a cure for what ails the kingdom and he orders the Knight Gilder and his Crusaders to find a temple which allegedly holds a cure. The King also wants Gilder to slay a “dragon.” The Knights question Edward’s sanity, but head off on their quest anyway. What happens next? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

After two stellar issues, issue 3 stumbles a bit. Writer Ryan Ferrier sets his story in an interesting time period, but he drops the ball when it comes to his script. Not only does Ferrier not do much with the period piece, but the story doesn’t even have Godzilla at all! While that may be a refreshing change of pace for some, it is false advertising. The series is called “Godzilla: Rage Across Time” after all. The Kaiju that do appear (Megaguirus and Mothra) are sadly only in it for a short time. Still, it is nice to see their inclusion.

Another major problem is the dialogue. It reads like a modern person trying to write 1800’s dialogue in the phoniest way imaginable. It just does not work.

One element that does not disappoint here is the artwork by Hugo Petrus. Even though the story itself is lackluster, Petrus knocks it out of the park with the expertly crafted character models, the rich environments, and the explosive Kaiju action. His impressive work definitely makes the issue seem more exciting than it really is.

Overall Thoughts: Even though issue 3 is far and away the weakest, you pretty much have to read it if you’re following the series. Hopefully issue 4 is a return to form.

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