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A Bigger Splash Blu-ray Review

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“A Bigger Splash” is a strange, but appealing character piece.

“A Bigger Splash” begins with a rock star (Marianne Lane) and her filmmaker boyfriend (Paul) relaxing on a picturesque Italian island. Having just had vocal cord surgery, Marianne especially needs to rest her voice as per the Doctor’s orders. Unfortunately, the couple’s peace and quiet is interrupted when Harry (a hyper producer/former lover of Marianne’s) arrives with his young, attractive, and secretive daughter Penelope. From here on out, all sorts of drama springs forth as Harry tries to reignite his romance with Marianne while Penelope has eyes for Paul. That’s not even the half of it! Note: “A Bigger Splash” is based on Alain Page’s screenplay for the film “La Piscine” and has been written by David Kajganich.

Having heard about “A Bigger Splash” for months now, I was curious to check it out. After all, the ensemble cast alone was reason enough to be intrigued. For the first 88 minutes or so, the movie played like a sort of ensemble version of one of Linklater’s ‘Before’ films only with a more explosion dramatic center. I was on board with this portion of the film. After the 90 minute mark, however, the movie takes a dark turn that I don’t think quite works as it feels like another film entirely. Weird twist aside though, you can’t help but get swept up in the action as the film explores themes such as sex, music, the past, emotional baggage, jealousy, temptation, fame, and communication. There’s a lot going on here and, unlike it’s quiet lead Marianne, director Luca Guadagnino’s film has a lot to say.

Going back to the cast, there is so much great acting on display here. Tilda Swinton gives a bold and fresh performance as Marianne, Matthias Schoenaerts holds his own as Paul, and Dakota Johnson sizzles as Penelope. The real star of the film, however, is Ralph Fiennes. From his first scene, Fiennes controls this movie. He commits to this fascinating role and goes all out. Don’t be surprised if he gets some Award attention for it. It’s that good.


Presentation: 1.85:1 1080p? How does it look? Between the lush Pantelleria locations and the bright colors, this transfer really dazzles.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? This track passes all the tests.

* DVD copy and Digital copy.
* Fox ads.
* A photo gallery.
* “A Bigger Splash” trailer.
* 8 promotional featurettes about the characters, story, cast, the director, the inspiration of the story, themes, and location shooting. Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews are also included.

Overall Thoughts: “A Bigger Splash” is an odd character study that might not have mass appeal, but film lovers should certainly give it a watch.


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