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Night Of The Living Deb Blu-ray Review

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“Night Of The Living Deb” shamelessly capitalizes on the zombie phenomenon.

In “The Night of the Living Deb,” the titular redhead hooks up with an engaged hot guy (Ryan) after a night of drinking. Upon waking up, it’s clear that Ryan regrets his decision as he tries to ditch Deb. Alas, the two wind up having to stick together as they discover a zombie apocalypse has broken out in their city (Portland, Maine). At first the two bicker non-stop as they try to evade flesh eating zombies, but shock of all shocks, they soon begin to form a romantic connection.

For those expecting “Night of the Living Deb” to be an entertaining Zom-Com like “Shaun of the Dead” or “Warm Bodies,” I’m afraid you will be severely disappointed. From the opening 2 minutes of atrocious dialogue, it was clear this was going to be a long 84 minutes. And it was. Not only does Andy Selsor’s script feature forced out of the blue pop culture references, but the attempts at humor completely fall flat. Worse still, the main character Deb (played by a usually reliable Maria Thayer) is a cringey, chatty, shouty character who is also insane. Just see the scene of her mowing down zombies gleefully to see what I mean.

The rest of director Kyle Rankin’s film doesn’t fare any better. The production values are low, the zombie acting is lousy, and the romance is never believable. Perhaps the film’s biggest disappointment is that the acting talents of Ray Wise, Chris Marquette, Michael Cassidy, Maria Thayer, and yes, even YouTube film buff CoolDuder go to waste here.


Presentation: 2.00:1 1080p. How does it look? Bland visual style aside, this disc boasts a solid transfer.

Audio Track: 5.1 DTS-HD MA. How does it sound? The track sounds a bit low to be honest.

* MPI film trailers and a “Night of the Living Deb” trailer.
* Nearly 10 minutes of bloopers.
* The half-hour “Behind The Scenes” featurette contains, you guessed it, behind-the-scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, film clips, and story and character discussions.
* A dull commentary by Kyle Rankin, Maria Thayer, Michael Cassidy, Andy Selsor and Tony Copolillo.


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