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Tales From The Darkside Issues 2 And 3 Reviews

Tales From The Darkside Issue 2.png Tales From The Darkside Issue 3.png

“Tales From The Darkside” does not improve in issues 2 and 3.

After a so-so debut issue, one would hope things would pick up in subsequent issues of the “Tales From The Darkside” comic mini-series. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

In issues 2 and 3 of Joe Hill’s “Tales From The Darkside” stories (which have once again been adapted by Michael Benedetto), readers get a story spread out over two (?) issues titled “The Black Box.” The story revolves around a man named Brian Newman who has been living a rather hellish existence. Not only has he been suffering seizures, but he also a power/curse which allows weird things to occur around him. Furthermore, he also wrestles with an inner evil doppelganger dubbed The Big Winner who he fears may take over.

After being canned from his job, Brian gets a potentially positive opportunity from a man named Clive. Clive works for the Briterside Development tech company which makes implants specifically for people like Brian. The implant is designed to help Brian control his powers (I won’t spoil how he got the powers). Brian decides to go through with the implant surgery, but, as you might expect, things go horribly wrong. A brilliant Doctor may be the only hope to help stop the chaos.

Much like “Sleepwalker,” “The Black Box” feels like a rushed story even though it is spread out over two issues. It’s clear that character development is ending up on the cutting room floor (so to speak) due to the limiting comic page count. It’s a shame because all 3 issues have intriguing ideas that are let down by poor execution. These ideas could easily be fleshed out into something better.

The biggest problem with issues 2 and 3, however, is that this story apparently won’t even be resolved! This was supposed to be a two-part story, but since issue 4 is a new stand-alone story, there apparently will not be a resolution for “The Black Box.” Now, the end of issue 3 does say “To be concluded,” but when and where remains a mystery. To say this is all very puzzling and frustrating is an understatement.

One thing that does not let readers down is the always excellent artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez. Even if the story falters, you can always rely on Rodriguez to put his now iconic visual stamp on whatever he’s working on and he does so here.

Overall Thoughts: Issues 2 and 3 are little more than a set-up to a story that may not have a conclusion.

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