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Tales From The Darkside Issue 1 Comic Book Review

Tales From The Darkside Issue 1 Comic Book.png

“Tales From The Darkside” doesn’t start out with a bang.

When it comes to TV anthology series (horror or otherwise), “Tales From The Darkside” ranks among the best. When I heard author Joe Hill (the mastermind behind the brilliant “Locke And Key” comic series) was involved with a potential reboot over at CW, I was excited to see what he was going to bring the table. Unfortunately, the series didn’t get made, but 4 scripts were completed and have now been turned into a 4 issue comic book series from IDW. As an added bonus, longtime Joe Hill collaborator Gabriel Rodriguez provides the art for the comics. So, how does the first issue fare? Read on to find out.

In issue 1 (titled “Sleepwalker”), the story revolves around an irresponsible lifeguard (Ziggy) who is essentially sleepwalking through his life and missing out on so much. One day, he falls asleep on the job and a woman dies on his watch (although the death was partially due to other circumstances). Haunted by the death and unable to sleep, Ziggy finds that something has started to happen to him (I won’t spoil what). While all of this is going on, the husband of the deceased is out for revenge against Ziggy.

Having written horror anthology comics myself in the past with the “Vincent Price Presents” series (shameless plug, I know), it’s a subgenre that is close to my heart. Of all of the horror subgenres, anthology stories tend to be among the most, imaginative, creepy, and memorable whether it be on the page or on screen. So, as I delved into Joe  Hill’s “Sleepwalking” tale (which was adapted by Michael Benedetto for the page), I was a bit bummed to find it rather underwhelming. First of all, as morality tales go, it’s a bit too on the nose. Again, I won’t reveal what happens, but suffice it to say, it ends how you think it would. Now, granted, there is probably some material that has been cut out of the comic adaptation that may have fleshed things out more, but as is, it’s a rather cookie cutter anthology tale that underutilizes Ziggy’s “ability.”

On the plus side, readers are blessed by being able to gawk at artist Gabriel Rodriguez’s incredible artwork. I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s one of the best artists in the biz. I wish Hill and Rodriguez could team up more frequently as they make the perfect team.

The comic concludes with interviews of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez as well as ads for enticing upcoming releases like the “Tales From The Darkside Scriptbook” and a new “Locke and Key” one-shot called “Small World.”

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